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Publisher's description

A free PC-tool called Naviextras Toolbox is available on the Downloads page. Once you connect your navigation device to your PC and launch this tool, it will automatically scan your device for installed software and maps. Alternatively Naviextras Toolbox also might recognize SD cards that were removed from the navigation device and put into a card reader.
Naviextras Toolbox is a Windows utility designed to connect your navigation device or GPS-capable PDA with your PC. It enables you to see all available updates, download the necessary files from the internet and upload updates and new content to your navigation device.
It can also be used to create and restore backups, and to move or copy contents between the PC and the navigation device.

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    Jay 5 months ago

    Needs to be compatible with Mac & iPad. Have this navigation device in my car & truck but can't update it. Have had this device for 8 months now can't update software & navigation GPS is already a 1/2 mile off from destinations. What a waste of money would not recommend buying this navigation system $1200 wasted $600 for car & $600 for the truck. System constantly crashes & is not accurate. I would give this product zero stars.

  • 0
    Nisu 6 months ago

    Abomination. I have spent 20 hours trying to make this work and nothing.

  • 0
    Roberto Hauer 6 months ago

    Just for PC.

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