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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.0
Naviextras Toolbox is a utility for connecting your navigation device or GPS-enabled PDA to any PC. The days of 2D maps are gone, and you can make the change to 3D navigation with streets, houses, and terrain details appearing on your screen.
You can also use this program to generate and restore your backups between the PC and the navigation device, or to move or copy contents.

The program's interface is most enjoyable and easy to use; it will allow you to find the intended road very easily. With the help of this software, you can download all the necessary files from the Internet, see all the available updates, and transfer those updates and new content to your navigation device or GPS-enabled PDA device. With the resulting maps, you can effortlessly avoid detours and unexpected surprises and can arrive at the destination faster. This will help you to find your way around.

I like Naviextras Toolbox because it is very useful. I hardly know the roads in my country and the program comes in very handy for my family and me.


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    Arja Van Hoorn 4 months ago

    It can ONLY be used on a PC, and that in the year 2016.

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    Joma Texas 11 months ago

    Worst software I have ever used. 5 years and nothing but issues. Customer support only by email - they do respond, but not with the answers you need. I can't imagine why navigation hardware companies are forcing their customers to use this poor software.
    If your buying a nav unit, and that unit uses Naviextras, run away!

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    Guest Last year

    I was shocked to find my "latest update 2015 Q1" had only speed cameras from 2012.
    If Q1 means quarter 1 of 2015 Then I bought the system in June which would have made it Q2 at least. very disappointed in their service. There also appears to be a bug in the 3D map. Even with crossings disabled I see them.
    Bad response from Naviextras.

All comments (15)

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